$210 Luxury Pakistan Hotel (Serena

Islamabad, Pakistan ➖After the horrific night I spent in Hotel Blue Sky, I needed a good night sleep and some real luxury. So, I booked a 5-star hotel, here in the heart of Islamabad.

After making a rather disruptive entrance and going through the two security scanners, I had to deposit my drone, which I am still yet to use ever (I question why I even brought it, it’s caused more hassles than anything). I checked in, paid my 25,000 rs fee and made my way up to the room. As expected it was incredible.

After I quick rest, I explored the facilities on this giant property, went for a workout, swim and headed off for some dinner. Once I returned, I knew I needed to make use of the giant bathtub so bubble bath time it was.

With many hotels, breakfast is complimentary, so time to visit the buffet and stuff my face full of food and drinks. Before I knew it, it was time to check out and continue on with my day!

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Checking In
3:50 Room Review
12:15 Hotel Facilities
16:35 Meeting Friends
19:28 Late Night Shenanigans
24:39 Buffet Breakfast
34:06 Checking Out
35:30 Final Thoughts

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